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IQ: When Harry met Santa



The holiday season always gives rise to a slew of new movies. The most eagerly anticipated blockbuster of this season appears to be one that comes out on Friday — Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.


Savanna Harden Denver

College student

How excited are you about the new Harry Potter movie? I've read and love all the books. I almost have a brain aneurysm every time I see the previews. I already have my ticket.

What's so compelling about the series? I started reading the books when I was a little kid. It feels like I grew up with Harry Potter. You get sucked into that magic world.

Name the best-ever holiday movie. Miracle on 34th Street. It's about Christmas in New York, which I think is cool — the big tree in Rockefeller Plaza, skating in Central Park.

If a movie were made of your life, what would it be called? Young, Drunk and Horny.

Name a movie you wish you'd been in. I'd be Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's.


Leslie Wolken Cheyenne Cañon

Middle school teacher

How psyched are you about the upcoming Harry Potter movie? Almost not at all, except as a teacher. These movies are a way to get kids reading the books.

Why is this series so captivating to young people? They see themselves in Harry's shoes — being strong and effective, wielding magic, fighting bad guys, having amazing adventures, living in a castle, experiencing the mystical aspect of things.

Have you ever had a brush with Hollywood? Back in my 20s, I naively sent some scripts to Saturday Night Live. NBC sent them back, but Al Franken wrote a personal letter urging me to keep writing and explaining that union regulations preclude freelance submissions.

What movie do you wish you'd starred in? There's Something About Mary, my all-time favorite comedy. I'd be Mary, of course.


Mike Kenny Central


On a scale of 1 to 10, rate your excitement about the new Harry Potter movie. A solid nine. I love the characters and the magical quality of the series: the wizardry, the fantasy, the departure from the mundane.

What's your favorite-ever holiday movie? It's a tie between It's a Wonderful Life because of its classic theme, and The Polar Express because of its fantasy and incredible animation.

Describe your closest brush with Hollywood. I once flew over it. That's plenty close enough.

Name a movie you wish you'd starred in. Indiana Jones, because of the fantastic spirit of adventure running through it.

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