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IQ: What Would Martin Think?



Sit-ins, Black Power and By Any Means Necessary are distant memories. Gone are the segregated workplaces, restaurants, theaters, swimming pools and motels that Colorado Springs had until the 1960s. Things may be better, but they could be better still. We're not there yet.


Danica Bracken
Denver University student

Were Martin Luther King alive today, what would he think of Colorado Springs? He wouldn't like the polarization between the left and right. Partisan politics cloud people's thinking and get in the way of problem solving.

When will this town be ready for a black or Latino mayor? That's a long way off. Denver is a lot more progressive that way. It'll be a while before a lot of people in this city are willing to go in that direction.

Who is the black or Latino you most admire? Alan Keyes. He speaks from a very logical, analytical, well-informed and intelligent perspective. I'm left in awe of him every time he speaks.

What would King's position be toward the war on terrorism? He'd probably disagree. He was more like a Mennonite with peace as the ultimate goal.


Joshua Irish
Just out of the army
Troy, NY

What would King think about local politics? There's a healthy mixture of folks in this town. They seem to get along. This strikes me as a model city, but I might not see the whole picture.

When will this town be ready for a black or Latino mayor? It depends on who really runs this town. I doubt the status quo fat cats will let it happen. The young people are more open, but they don't call the shots.

What black or Latino person do you most admire? B.B. King. He wouldn't accept my nomination, but he'd get my vote. I also admire Louis Farrakhan.

What would King think about the war on terrorism? The war is something altogether different from what we're led to believe. It's an excuse to colonize other countries.


Varnum Jewell
Graphic artist

What would King think of Colorado Springs? The politics here are pretty much typical of politics anywhere. He'd think this is a pretty good place.

When will this town be ready for a black or Latino mayor? It's ready now. A well-qualified minority candidate would win the election.

What person of color do you most admire? Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr. and my mom. Also Louis Farrakhan.

What would King think of the war on terrorism? He wouldn't condone war as such, but he couldn't ignore what happened in New York and Washington on September 11.

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