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IQ: Vitriol and venom



Political attack advertisements this election cycle are sinking to ever-lower lows, characterized by incredible nastiness, acrimony and disregard for fact. But they keep on coming, so they must be working on some of us ... right?


Cody Burch

Nonprofit marketer

Characterize your view of political advertising in this election. Increasingly vicious and distorted. It's all about who can leave the worst last-minute impression with almost no regard for what's really true.

What's the worst example you've seen? I'd say the one that says Ken Buck wants to abandon the Constitution, get rid of Social Security, and institute a 23 percent sales tax. There may be some truth in that somewhere, but the ad is pretty bad.

Would you rather do away with campaign mailings, robo-calls or TV ads? The TV ads. They're annoying, and one after the other.


Phil Rogers
Pueblo West

Unemployed systems administrator

What's your view of political advertising? Blatant propaganda. It's a joke.

Name the worst one you've seen. The one about "No on 60, 61 and 101" makes it seem absolutely horrible, but when you look at the [General Assembly's] Blue Book to see both sides of it, it's not so black and white.

What would Thomas Jefferson think about the current state of politics? He'd be disgusted to see so much time given to political thwarting and maneuvering instead of getting things done and moving forward.

Have you been at all influenced by campaign ads? Yes, but usually in the opposite way they intend. Those ads backfire on me.


Jessica Bruinsma
West side

Charter school teacher

Characterize your view of political advertising. There needs to be more transparency about who's funding these things.

Have you seen a single instance of political advertising you consider effective and well-done? Probably not. They're almost entirely sound bites with little regard for fact.

Which would you rather see ended: campaign mailings, campaign phone calls or campaign television ads? Phone calls to your home. They're too invasive.

What would Thomas Jefferson think of politics today? He'd be appalled over the degree to which government is involved in local affairs from the bottom up.

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