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IQ: Vice versa



With our first Best Of issue dedicated to food, drink and nightlife, we're reminded of how many of us fall victim to episodes of overindulgence. But as vices go, you could do worse ... right?


Kelsey Davis
Stamford, Conn.

High school student

What's your biggest vice? Procrastination. Putting off things I don't like doing, like my college applications.

Name your favorite vice. Sushi. I feel guilty eating all that tuna. Also, I'm addicted to the TV show, Amazing Wedding Cakes.

What's a vice in others that you find annoying? Nail-biting. I can't stand the noise it makes or the way it looks.

If you were bent on over-eating, where'd you go to do it? I'd stay at home, order Chinese takeout, and eat Ben and Jerry's.


Adam Castle
No permanent address


What's your biggest vice? Opiates.

What's your favorite vice? Opiates.

When did you last truly overindulge in something? Earlier this year at a party I danced all night, saw a lot of pretty lights, forgot reality.

What vice in others do you find most annoying? How much they depend on the dollar.


Ted Koerner
Castle Pines North


Name your biggest vice. I've whittled most of them down. The biggest one left is occasional overimbibing.

What's your favorite vice? Imbibing, which is why it's still occasionally an issue.

What vice do you find most annoying in others? Lack of perspective in political views. That's pretty common at present.

If you're wanting to seriously chow down, where do you go? To some sushi place. It's something I crave on a regular basis.


Leah Lowe
Cheyenne Cañon

Elementary art teacher

Is there a vice you're fond of? I like people who feel a need to be funny nonstop. That may be a vice, but it's a fun one to have and to be around.

Is there a vice you have to cope with on a daily basis? Impatience. Teachers can get their impatience buttons pushed pretty easily.

Where do you go when you really want to shovel it in? Poor Richard's for their pizza.

Where do you head in order to seriously down a few? The Loop for margaritas.

— Bob Campbella

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