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IQ: Tweet 'n low



One definition of "twitter" is "a short burst of inconsequential information." But millions of Twitter users a day attempt to elevate the social-media outlet out of the realm of the trivial, in 140 characters or fewer.


Sophie Raab

Nurse's assistant

What do you use Twitter for? Mostly following bands and people that I find interesting. I follow Stevie Ryan and the band Nightmare of You and Weird Al Yankovic.

How can you see Twitter being used negatively? You're trying to put all your thoughts into [140] characters — what can't go wrong?

How can you see Twitter being used positively? I think it's great for promotion. Promoting a local music scene, or promoting an artist. And pretty much quick updates for things that are going down.

Can you remember the last tweet you found amusing? It was a Twitter picture of this couple in gigantic baby suits and zombie make-up, and they were eating fake limbs. I thought it was pretty hilarious.


Nate Lewis


How can you see Twitter affect a society negatively? I can see the overuse of it as a negative thing. People post like "I'm at the dinner table," "I'm walking out the door." Stuff like that.

How can you see it being used positively? It can be a good way to stay in touch, following what people are doing. But since it's all about status updates, and not so much messaging each other, it's not the best tool.

Can you remember your last tweet? I think my last tweet was, "I'm getting ready to watch the race. Woo hoo, NASCAR!"

What do you think is the next progression? Maybe something more webcam-based. You might see more video status updates.


Matt Whiteis
West side

Graphic designer

How can you see Twitter being used positively? I guess what it's built for: information. People can see what's going on with their favorite celebrity, or local companies, or any company in general.

How can you see it being used negatively? I think social media is negative, and everything that comes out of it. I think it's just a waste of time, honestly.

What would you say is the next progression in social networking sites? Maybe online sticky-notes.

Do you have a Twitter account? My band had a Twitter account. We used it once. I think our only status was "Fuck Twitter."

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