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IQ: Too nice to succeed?


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Acclaimed for improving and reforming the Denver Public School system as superintendent, Michael Bennet earned Gov. Bill Ritter's confidence. But can a nice guy who's never held elected office actually cut it as a U.S. senator?


Michael Evans

Graphic artist/web designer

What do you know about our new senator, Michael Bennet? Not much. I think he was some sort of educator in Denver.

People say Bennet is a good guy. Is that an asset in politics? It's good to be a nice person, but we all know that politics is cutthroat. He may get eaten by a whale.

Name today's most distasteful politico. I'd say George Bush and Hillary Clinton. Bush hid behind his dad and then behind Dick Cheney. Hillary is two-faced — says one thing and does another.

What kind of politician would you be? I'd have high ethical standards and use my Christian values to do what's right.

What would your campaign slogan be? Bring Ethics Back.


Sam McClure
Cañon City

Criminal defense lawyer

What do you know about Michael Bennet? That he was an educator in Denver.

He's widely considered a nice guy. Politically, is this an asset or a liability? If combined with inner strength, it could be a huge asset. Without inner strength, it'll get you eaten alive.

Cite the most important quality in a politician. Life experience. And knowing that there are as many ways of looking at the world as there are people in it.

Who's the most distasteful politician out there? Besides Dick Cheney, probably Rod Blagojevich, the Democratic ex-governor of Illinois. They both ooze arrogance.

What kind of politician would you make? A very bad one. One always hiding in the Rose Garden.

What would your campaign slogan be? Free Margaritas for Everyone.


Heather Johnson
Manitou Springs

Zoo employee

What do you know about Michael Bennet? Who is that?

Is it important for a politician to be a nice person? It has to come in second to being good at chess, to playing hardball with hard-nosed people.

Name the most reprehensible politician going. Doug Bruce, hands down. He's not a nice person.

What kind of politician would you be? I wouldn't. I'm not one of those who wants to be in charge. I can barely handle my own boat.

Tell us your campaign slogan. Don't Vote for Me.


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