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IQ: The "war on terrorism"



The "war on terrorism" garnered huge popularity ratings for President Bush, but the flag-waving is wearing thin of late. Americans may not be booing the president when he appears in public, like the crowds did last week in Berlin, but the revelation that president's men had forewarning of the Sept. 11 attack -- and that the president used the tragedy to milk campaign contributions -- aren't making him any friends.

-- Bob Campbell

Judy Twedt
Near North End
CC student

Is the recent spate of terrorism alerts an attempt by Bush to deflect criticism? He evokes terrorism and axes of evil as a way to make people think he's a moral beacon in a dark world.

Has it worked? Not among the people I know, but it has with the general public.

Should the U.S. invade Iraq? We're depending too much on military force as a substitute for constructive foreign policy.

The war on terrorism aside, name the top three accomplishments of the Bush administration. Now that you mention it, I can't name any.


Bob Storey
Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

Is Bush issuing terrorism alerts as a way to sidestep debate of his policies? He wants to keep the post9/11 bandwagon going. Canadians dislike Bush. They're more antiU.S. than Americans realize.

How do Canadians view Bush? He's not all that bright. He's a tool of corporate power.

List the top three accomplishments of the Bush administration apart from the war on terrorism. I can't say he's had any.

Dave Kent

Horace Mann neighborhood
Retired Hewlett-Packard manager

Is the spate of recent terrorism alerts legitimate or an attempt to keep Bush's approval ratings high? A little of both. They're issuing a flurry of warnings as a way to counter accusations of failure to take warnings seriously. The threat of future terrorist attacks is real, though.

Should the U.S. invade Iraq? Absolutely not, unless we have the backing of Middle Eastern countries, Europe, Russia and China. We shouldn't do it unilaterally.

Terrorism aside, name the top three achievements of the Bush administration. That's a very good question (laughter). I can't think of any.


Jim Dell
North End
Retired military accountant

Is it becoming more acceptable to criticize Bush? Criticism of any president is acceptable at any time.

Should the U.S. invade Iraq? I think we'll have to sooner or later, but we don't have the military structure to fight on two fronts now.

The war on terrorism aside, name the three top accomplishments of the Bush administration. I haven't followed the Bush administration out of disgust with the election. I'm originally from Chicago, and the Florida election was conducted like the elections in Chicago used to be. It was rotten politics from the get-go.

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