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All of us have paged through Cosmopolitan, Elle and Glamour in the supermarket checkout line or dentist office waiting room, our curiosity piqued by their sex advice -- moves in bed that'll get your man's attention, 15 tips for a spicier sex life, etc., etc. Does anybody actually use this advice or make these moves?

Marie Poole
West Side
Doll maker for Simpich

Do you read sex-advice articles? Occasionally.

Which mag do you buy most often? It depends on the issue. Frankly, I'm more likely to pick up Ms. than Cosmopolitan.

Are sex-advice articles realistic, or are they to real-life sex what romance novels are to real-life love? So many people are dysfunctional, and having a normal relationship is so difficult in these modern times that any advice probably helps.

Who buys these mags? Unhappy women in their 30s and 40s. I doubt the younger crowd has much problem.


Charlie Lee
MBS Mountain Boards

Do you read the sex-advice mags? I'll read them in the doctor's office, but I never buy them.

Has a hot-tip cover tease ever prompted you to buy one? Yes, but not in the last three to four years.

Did it do anything whatsoever to improve your sex life? They can be entertaining, but I don't know how realistic they are. They're geared toward women wanting to escape the doldrums of life.


Lindsey Hilton
CC dorms
CC student

Do you read magazine sex advice? I read Cosmopolitan occasionally, but just for entertainment. I don't take it seriously.

Have you ever purchased a mag promising 50 ways to spice up your sex life? Yeah, but more as a joke to share with friends than as a how-to guide.

Has magazine sex advice ever made your love life racier? A former boyfriend actually tried to use an article to benefit us, but I can't say it did.

Do these articles have any validity? Some, possibly, but I'd certainly never use one as a research source for a paper.

Who buys these mags? Women 15 to 35 interested in men and sex.


Carolyn Clarke
Broadmoor Bluffs

Do you ever read mags for sex advice? I mostly read metaphysical literature.

Have you ever bought a mag for its sex-advice articles? Years ago, but not for a while. They're kind of expensive.

What women buy them? Young women in search of ideas.

Has any magazine article aided your love life? I can't think of a single one that did any good.

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