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IQ: The natives: still restless



With Election Day looming on Nov. 3, area residents are thinking about local politics as seriously as they ever do — meaning that two out of three people probably won't cast their ballots at all.


Marie Poole

Bookstore employee

Have you voted in the Nov. 3 election? Yes.

What prompted you to do so? Doug Bruce is trying to dismantle our system of getting money for the city. I wanted to vote against his [Measure 300].

What do the words "City Council" bring to your mind? Ineptitude. Lack of planning.

Are local taxes too high, too low, or about right? They're inadequate for our needs, but I don't see them being raised any time soon.


Daniel Kidney

Carpenter and college student

Have you voted yet? No, but I intend to. It'll be disastrous for public transportation and public services if [Measure] 2C doesn't pass.

Are local taxes too low, too high, or about right? If anything, too low. They're a lot lower here than in most of the state and around the country.

If you ran for mayor, what would your main issue be? Homelessness and the environment, but I'm not big on electoral politics. I prefer a ground-up approach.


Michael Gomez


Have you voted yet? There's no reason to. All the candidates are the same — out for their interests, not ours.

What do the words "City Council" bring to mind? Crooks.

Are local taxes too high, too low, or about right? About right, as long as the money is used wisely. I saw a street-sweeper go by my house the other day for no good reason, but watch — when the snow comes, they'll say there's no money to clear it.

Name the best and worst parts of holding elected office. The best thing is having a little say-so. The worst thing is that it doesn't really matter.


Adam Schendzielos
Mesa Heights


What would raise your interest in local politics? If Colorado Springs were still the smaller town I loved and grew up in.

If you were a politician yourself, what'd be your main issue? Alternative energy options.

Name the best and worst aspects of holding political office. The good thing is getting to hear people and respond to that. The worst thing is people complaining and being mad at you all the time.

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