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IQ: The day we all stood still



Ten years ago this week, people around the world watched in stunned disbelief as teenagers Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris killed 13 people and wounded 23 more before killing themselves at Columbine High School in Littleton.


Dustin Morris


Where were you when news broke about the Columbine tragedy? I was in jail.

Has that incident or similar ones since then influenced your views on gun control? No. I still think the gun laws are too strict.

What do incidents like Columbine say about our society? That people are cruel to each other.

What should be done to make schools safer? That's a hard one. Some people just aren't very nice.


Latisha Mapu

Nursing student

Is there a facet of Columbine you feel the media didn't cover?

I wish more focus had been placed on why the teachers at Columbine didn't deal earlier with the problems the shooters were having with other kids in the school. There was a lot of bullying going on.

What do incidents like Columbine say about society? We need to put more value on human beings instead of on money and material things. We need to listen to each other more.

Have Columbine and other school shootings influenced your views on gun control? I see both sides of the issue, but there needs to be more limits and stipulations. Not everyone should be able to get a gun.

What should be done to enhance school safety? Metal detectors and searches in schools. We don't know where all these kids are coming from and what they're capable of doing.


Erin Scott

Full-time mom

Where were you when you heard about Columbine? I was going to college in Knoxville, Tennessee, to become a teacher. My mother was in the garden, really upset and crying, so I turned on the TV and every station was covering it live.

Have Columbine and similar incidents influenced your views on gun control? I'm not a fan of guns being everywhere, everyone having them. Safety doesn't reside in more and more guns. There are too many guns and not enough relationships.

What do incidents like Columbine say about society? There's a lot of disconnect. We'll talk to strangers for hours on the Internet, we'll keep up with celebrities on Twitter, but we don't talk to our neighbors or know the parents of our children's friends.

— Bob Campbell

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