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Thanks to the Fourmile Fire, Boulder County just saw 169 homes go up in flames. With a second blaze having caused the evacuation of hundreds more homes near Loveland, fire is on many people's minds.


Ronald Leasure
Sales associate

Cheyenne Cañon

In fires like these that were human-caused, should there be criminal charges? It's kind of a fine line. If it was an arsonist setting fires for a reason, yeah, you need to. But everyone should be aware of where we live and our environment.

Do stories like this make you worry about local wildfires? Definitely. We're a very arid area. Kind of like one of those situations with the hundred-year fires.

Do you take fire precautions for your home? Yeah, most of all my stuff's been trimmed. You know, all my bushes away from my house. I didn't have a whole lot, but I've done some work.

Can there be "too much sun"? Absolutely not. I think we'd be foolish not to have the beautiful weather we have here.


Sylvia Jennings
Broker associate


How closely do you follow fire news? Pretty closely because I have a hillside home.

Do you take fire precautions for your home? My childhood home burned down to the ground in a fire. And in a weird way that makes me a little bit less concerned about it because I know the odds statistically are smaller that something like that could happen to me again. ... We haven't because we like the privacy around our home. So we are those bad people who are sort of not doing what we are supposed to do!

Do you think there can be "too much sun"? No. I don't. Because there are common-sense ways that we can be cautious. As a housing professional, I would like to see the building industry be more concerned about fire-safe materials.


Carl Quick
Toy salesman


Have you heard about the fires up north? Whenever smoke gets to here, I pay attention.

Should there be criminal charges or repercussions? Yeah, probably. You can't be too careful with fire. You should always make sure it's out. As a pyromaniac, I should know.

Do you take fire precautions for your home? Nothing special. Fourth of July, we'll water everything down.

Have you noticed the lack of rain recently? It's not as bad as it was. When I was a kid, they would hire Indian rain dancers.

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