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IQ: The Biggest Fear



The past two weeks have been horrific and agonizing. Instead of waiting for the other shoe to drop -- or lazily plopping onto the couch and tuning back to our regular programming -- maybe we ought to use the opportunity to redirect our gaze homeward and deal with life in our backyards again. To wit: School board elections are right around the corner. Do you even know who your elected leaders are?

Jacques Miller
  • Jacques Miller

Jacques Miller
Hood: Downtown

What's the most important local issue? There's not a whole lot focus on local issues lately, but our economy is slipping. Lots of people are losing jobs.

What's the solution? People are going to have to be more flexible about what they do for a living. Go back to school and retool, maybe. There are usually lots of jobs waiting tables. Whatever it takes.

With winter coming on, what's your biggest fear? I don't have a ski season pass yet.

What's the state of local public education? I have some teacher friends, and I know they put their hearts and souls into it. I have to wonder, though, why so many kids are hanging out at Acacia Park at 11 in the morning. Why aren't they in school? You didn't see me walking the streets at 11 o'clock when I was in school.

Can you name anyone who currently serves on the board of your school district? No.

Steve Sanders
  • Steve Sanders

Steve Sanders
U.S. Army
Hood: Springs Ranch

What's the biggest issue we face locally? I've only lived here four months. I'm not real up on local issues.

What's your biggest fear for the future? We have a consumer-based economy with lots of service jobs. I worry that people will lose confidence and stop purchasing.

How are the public schools doing? I'm not familiar with local schools, though I have a kid in the Air Force Academy. I'm concerned overall that kids aren't getting a foundation in the basics. There's too much emphasis on collaborative projects and feel-good participation.

Lauren Jenkins
  • Lauren Jenkins

Lauren Jenkins
Hood: Downtown

What's the biggest issue locally? Showing that we're not going to discriminate against Arabs or anyone else in our community. That's particularly important in Colorado Springs because we're not always known for our tolerance.

What's your biggest fear? Biochemical warfare. I was talking about that with my husband just last night. That could be more devastating than bombing.

What's your view of local public ed? My kids aren't school-age yet, but I'm thinking about home schooling, mostly for social reasons. Columbine isn't an isolated thing. There's something going terribly wrong with our children emotionally.

Can you name anyone who currently serves on the board of your school district? No.

Will Dorsey
  • Will Dorsey

Will Dorsey
Hood: Cheyenne Mountain

What's our biggest local issue? The unstable economy, the volatility of the markets.

What's the solution? Lower the interest rates to stimulate consumer spending.

With winter coming on, what's your biggest fear? I'm a realtor and winter is the slowest period for sales.

How's public ed doing? It's in a bad way. We're not doing enough to get high quality teachers. We don't pay enough to attract the best and brightest.

Can you name anyone who currently serves on the board of your school district? No.

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