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Earth Day is our planet's Valentine's Day, a chance every year to express our love and respect. Taken for granted, our living planet can grow sick and decline. That's just one more reason we can't treat the Earth as a mere commodity.


Karen Lakes
PPCC student West Side

Do you find your concern about environmental matters growing or diminishing? The more I learn and become aware, the more concerned I grow.

Have those concerns caused you to change your habits in any way? I recycle a lot more things. I use a trash service that claims to recycle.

Which poses our biggest threat: The "Axis of Evil," further Enron-type collapses, the Middle East or environmental deterioration? Environmental preservation is our No. 1 priority. Lack of respect for the Earth translates into lack of respect for mankind.

Lorne Kramer
Colorado Springs City Manager Cheyenne Mountain

What's our paramount environmental problem? Escalating growth is putting our natural resources and open space at risk. We need to be good trustees of our environment for the sake of future generations.

Do you find yourself becoming more or less responsive to environmental matters with passing time? [Environmental matters] have to be balanced by common sense. I love the outdoors, and I see the contamination of our streams, lakes and backcountry.

Has that made you change your habits in any way? Our family recycles, and we're careful to protect our property and the property around us.

Which, ultimately, poses our biggest threat: the "Axis of Evil," more Enron-type collapses, the Middle East crisis or environmental deterioration? Having escalated to a new level, the Middle East crisis is our biggest threat. A solution to that is our foremost need.


Bruce Short
Trim carpenter Monument

What's your most pressing environmental worry? Laws against air and water pollution are becoming less strict, especially toward major polluters, like big companies.

Have you grown more or less concerned about environmental matters? More. There's more people, less planet. We're using things up too fast.

What's the primary threat facing us? Our biggest threat is apathy. We need to educate ourselves more about what's really going on. We can't be placated by bread and circuses.


Dale Schrader
Unemployed Cheyenne Mountain

What's our most pressing environmental danger? Overpopulation and the pollution it brings.

As time passes, have you become more or less responsive to environmental issues? More. I'm probably one of the few Democrats around, with leanings toward the Green Party, which hasn't enjoyed much success.

Have environmental concerns altered your habits? We're vegetarians; we grow our own food without pesticides or commercial fertilizers. We recycle as much as possible.

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