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When you can access Harry Potter or Moby Dick on the same 6-inch Kindle, you know we've entered a new era in literature. But at its core, little has changed: We still go to the written word to hear people tell good stories.

Mariah Olson
East side

Golf cart operator

Is there anything that's come out recently that you enjoy? Yes, books by Janet Evanovich — I like that it's nothing like my life.

Did you go through any periods in your life in which you didn't read? No, even when I was a kid, I was home-schooled, and there was that hour a day I had to read.

What's your favorite format of books? Paperback. I like to have the physical copy with me.

When you go to buy or borrow a book, what draws you to that certain book? Usually the author. But if I see a cover I like, I'll read the book.

Peggy Rose
Garden of the Gods

Travel tour agent

Are there any books that have changed your life? Happier than God by Neale Donald Walsch. It made me think very differently about everything. About my life and what makes me happy and what makes other people happy.

Is there anything that's come out recently that you've enjoyed? I just finished reading Fractal Time by Gregg Braden. It's about the Mayan Prophecies in 2012; it's just a different perspective on that.

Have you gone through any periods in your life when you didn't read? Never. I always have a book. There were times when I read one book a day, every day.

If you were to write a book, what would the subject be? It would be about the value of friendship. I've thought about doing it but I probably wouldn't. My daughter would do it instead; she's a writer.

David Foster


Are there any books that have changed your outlook on life? Actually my favorite story is the Trial and Death of Socrates. The Socratic Method is one of the most powerful tools in philosophy. You can question anything you presume — your idea of justice. You can dig deeper into it.

Are there any periods in your life when you went without reading? Too many to number.

What would you say is the most overrated series or single book? Harry Potter, because they dragged it out for seven books and eight movies. I got bored by the second book.

What is your preferred format of reading? I think hardback is, but the Internet is always nice.

— Kevin Kehl

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