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IQ: Sound and fury



Spring elections are looming large, with a whopping 27 candidates running for office. That's democracy in action, perhaps, but so far few locals can even identify one among the mob of candidates, much less figure out which of them might best represent their views. Leave it to Focus on the Family to try to define the issue of the day -- demanding the City Council reverse a policy that provides health benefits to same-sex domestic partners of city employees. Our march to "World Class" cityhood continues apace.


Percy Pellerin
Addstaff Temporary Agency Stetson Hills

Name three City Council candidates. I can't name even one.

Who should be the next mayor of our world-class city? Lionel Rivera, simply because he's the one candidate I've met. I actually sat and talked to him and his wife. That's all I'm going by.

Should we be worried about a homosexual takeover of City Hall? We don't need to worry about a homosexual takeover of anything. Homosexuality is like brown hair -- you find it everywhere, and so what? It's just not an issue.


Ignatius Labadie
Woodworker, cabinetmaker West Side

Can you name three City Council candidates? I know nothing about city government.

Name someone you'd like to see run for Council. A buddy named Bill Sulzman would be good. Or maybe Sheldon King.

Is City Hall in danger of a gay takeover? That's blown way out of proportion. There's zero danger of that, though I can understand where people who fear such a thing are coming from. They think it's their Christian duty to oppose gays, and they may be right, who knows? I don't think they are, but...


Leonard Reilly
Monument Government teacher at PPCC

Name three Council candidates. I can't name a single one.

Who should be the next mayor of our city? Me. Only someone apolitical -- someone who doesn't care about re-election -- will be able to make the incredibly important decisions that we're facing in the next few years. Democracy is really mobocracy; those who yell loudest get their way.

Name the key issues facing our world-class city. One, TABOR needs revision. We need to generate revenue for services we need. Two, we need to work on our image. The two places on the face of the earth that had police action at the last peace protests were Athens, Greece and Colorado Springs. There are a lot of angry, nasty people in Colorado, but not all of us are right-wing military fascists.

Is Colorado Springs in danger of a homosexual takeover? Absolutely none. Focus on the Family's obsession with homosexuality says more about itself than it does about the community.

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