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IQ: Social insecurity



With the health care reform fight moving into its umpteenth week, the word "socialism" is being thrown around by some right-wingers as though we're facing a mass conspiracy to undermine everything they believe America stands for.


Dolly Handle


What would be your ideal health care system? I want universal health care.

How do you feel about FOX News pundit Glenn Beck? I turn him off as often as possible.

What is your biggest realistic fear concerning America's direction? I think I'm worried most about the unemployment rate. We need more [renewable] energy jobs that pay half a decent wage; we need a living wage for people who work in the education system.

How do you feel about conspiracy theories in general? I think the right wing is trying to fulfill their own prophecies.


Desiree Cooper


Where do you stand on the health care reform debate? I say that Obama's plan is a good plan. I think one health care plan for everybody is a good idea. You hear all the horror stories, but never all the good things that happen.

How do you feel about conspiracy theories? Well, I think there's conspiracies in every government.

What is your biggest fear concerning America's future? The economy. I'm still worried about the economy and that it will be like it was during the Depression.

Do you fear that America is turning into more of a socialist country? No, I believe in community. If I can help someone else that needs help, then that's where my tax money should go.


David Cardenas

Property management professional

How do you feel about FOX News? They're not exactly news-oriented. Like CNN — both of them are very pointed in their direction. They're not trying to get the news out, they're trying to get their opinion out.

Do you see America turning into a socialist country? It could happen. The way things are going right now, with the government intervention, it could happen.

Is it a fear of yours? I wouldn't want someone paying for [health insurance for] Joe Schmoe who doesn't have a job, when I have a job and I deserve my health insurance.

Do you think there's any truth to conspiracy theories? Usually about 5 percent truth. The majority is shrouded in secrecy, though.

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