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IQ: Sniffles & sore throats



Just another thing for Colorado to brag about: The El Paso County Health Department tells us that we have the nation's highest flu rate. That means sniffles, sore throats, coughs and watery eyes are everywhere you turn in these dark days of midwinter.


Matt Druliner
Salesman Florence

What's the deal with Colorado and the flu? Maybe it's the high pollen rate. People with allergies have run-down immune systems.

What's the difference between the flu and a cold? With flu you have muscle aches, chills, fever. A cold is coughing and sneezing.

What's the most creative cure for the flu you've heard of? A shot glass of Jack Daniels, orange juice and honey every six hours or as needed.


Kelly Ormesher
Second grade teacher Security

Why so much flu in Colorado? People stay cooped up all winter and don't get out for exercise.

What's the diff between the flu and a cold? A cold stays in my head. The flu makes my whole body feel like crap.

How do you battle the flu? I take vitamins and echinacea (the root of the purple cone flower).

Should you feed a cold and starve a fever or vise versa? Just do what your body wants. Eat if you feel like it. Don't if you feel lousy.

What's your most inopportune time for getting the flu? I got it the day before the start of this year's Christmas break. I spent the whole two weeks with a sinus infection.


Arlette Woodward
Systems engineer East Side

What makes Colorado the nation's flu capital? Probably how the weather fluctuates. It's in the 50s today. Two days ago it was almost zero.

What's the difference between the flu and a cold? A cold is an annoyance -- runny nose and stuffy head. With the flu your whole body aches. You can hardly move.

What's your secret cure for a cold? A shot of whiskey with some honey in it. It may not cure anything, but you don't care as much.


Seth Niggard
PPCC student East-central

Why so much flu in Colorado? You got me. I've always heard that Colorado Springs is one of the healthiest populations in the country.

What's the weirdest cure for the flu you've heard of? I used to work for this guy whose weird wife drank her own urine for almost any condition. I swear I'm not kidding.

What's the most inconvenient time you came down with the flu? Thanksgiving of 1998. I was supposed to prepare the entire dinner.

-- Bob Campbell

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