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For at least the last decade, Colorado Springs has been standing on tiptoe trying to project itself as a self-claimed "World Class City" with a superior quality of life. As has been noted, Colorado is currently rock bottom nationally in financial support of the arts, and the future of the Colorado Springs Symphony is in serious jeopardy. Should we care?


Barry Johnson-Fay
Old Colorado City Middle school teacher

When is the last time you attended a symphony performance in Colorado Springs?
I haven't here, though I used to do so often in New Haven, Connecticut.

What should happen to the symphony? It needs to be totally reorganized with new leadership. The relationship between the musicians and governing board needs mending.

Does Colorado Springs need a symphony orchestra? I think so. Live performances offer a valuable experience that you can't get through recordings.


Tom Schmitt
Fountain Atmel employee

When was the last time you attended a local symphony performance?
A Fourth of July performance in the park several years back.

Why should Colorado Springs have a symphony? I'm a musician myself, so I know what a great experience it is to be able to play with other musicians. I think we need a symphony more for the musicians themselves than for the public at large.

What should happen to the symphony? I'm a little upset with them for refusing to even consider a pay cut. Given our economy of present, they should understand the need to cut back. I was a supervisor at Atmel and got laid off. I'm back there now as an equipment operator at half my former pay, but I'm thrilled to be working again. And music is a passion you should be willing to do it for less if necessary.

What would turn things around for the symphony? Finding leadership capable of inspiring the musicians to do the music no matter what. Maybe they should do some free concerts to get the interest of the public back up. It would be great if City Council would come up with funds to help out meanwhile.


Kate Jefferson
Retail sales clerk West Side

When did you last attend a local symphony performance?
Handel's Messiah during the holiday season. Part of my vision of the ideal life, though, includes having season tickets to the symphony.

What's going to happen to the symphony? God only knows, but everybody should buy tickets to go hear them to keep them going. Surely the city and business community could help out some way, too.

What difference does it make if we have a symphony? Life would be a lot emptier without a symphony, without knowing that it was there to go to.

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