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With the "situation on the ground" deteriorating, accusations of Afghani corruption rife, and American politicians split, President Obama has committed to sending an additional 30,000 troops overseas.


Rick Champion

High school teacher

What's your reaction to 30,000 more troops headed for Afghanistan? I hope Obama knows what he's talking about in Afghanistan, because we sure didn't know what we were doing going in to Iraq. I'm glad he took some time to think it through and put together a strategy.

As best you can tell, what's the point of being in Afghanistan now? Allegedly, it's to stop the Taliban and get back at al-Qaeda. I don't know that I buy that.

Define "victory" in Afghanistan. I don't think anyone can truthfully say what that would be.

What would you say to a soldier forced into a fourth or fifth deployment? The same thing I told my nephew, who's there on his second deployment: "I hope you get back safe and sound."


Madeleine Reivy
Trumansburg, N.Y.

Professional musician

Relate your response to 30,000 additional troops headed for Afghanistan. I'm not surprised, but I'm angry.

Is the president backtracking on campaign promises to reduce troop levels? I don't think he promised that for Afghanistan. He said all along that Afghanistan was his favorite of the two wars.

What, in your view, is the rationale for our presence in Afghanistan? The real point behind any military action is to take control of that country's resources.

Define "victory" in Afghanistan. There won't be any victory. It'll be totally lose-lose.

What would you say to a soldier headed for a fourth of fifth deployment? Don't go. Leave the country.


Jim Belliveau
Old Colorado City

Laid-off heavy equipment operator

What's the purpose of our being in Afghanistan now? We're told it's because of national security, but we wouldn't still be there if previous administrations had lived up to promises made to those people.

Your thoughts on sending 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan? Almost any resolution would be better than more war and further loss of life there.

Is Obama reneging on campaign promises to reduce troop levels? He said all along he'd concentrate on Afghanistan.

What would you say to a soldier forced into a fourth or fifth deployment? The Good Guy must be with you, because you're still alive.


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