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IQ: Scraping bottom on the bottom line



Sports is big business. Last week's lead-up to LeBron James' announcement about where he's "taking his talents" generated a media circus of marketing hype and obsession with money, money, money.


Leon Hinton

Retired oil & gas executive

Rate your level of interest in last week's LeBron James announcement. On a scale of 1-to-10, I give it a 1. It didn't merit the level of national attention and TV coverage it got. The world has more important worries.

Who is your all-time favorite athlete? Roy Campanella, a great catcher for the Brooklyn Dodgers who gave his all for the game.

What's the last sporting event you attended? I'm mostly a watch-TV kind of sports guy, but every February I go to Florida to see thoroughbred racing at Gulfstream Park. I love it.

Has sports become too important? Yes, but not just sports. Actors making $20 million per picture think their political opinions are important, too.

If you could be a millionaire athlete, what sport would it be in? Football. I played in college at Howard.


Bobbie Mueller
Spring Canyon

Flight attendant

How closely did you follow the LeBron James' decision? It doesn't matter to me what team he goes to. I'm not even sure what sport he plays.

Name your all-time favorite athlete. Bill Cowher, the former Pittsburgh Steelers coach. He was so good-looking.

Is there an athlete you love to hate? Michael Vick.

What's the last sporting event you attended? My sister goes to the University of South Carolina, so we saw a Gamecocks baseball game when I visited her last May.

What sport would you most like to be a millionaire in? I run recreationally. I'd probably be a runner.


Mitch Muse
Chelsea Glen


What's your interest in LeBron James? Not that much. He wants to be a billionaire celebrity. It'll ultimately corrupt his game.

Name your all-time favorite athlete. George Brett, a great player for the Kansas City Royals back before baseball became all about money.

Who is your favorite current athlete? Paul Pierce. He keeps to himself, and he played at Kansas while I went to Kansas State.

Has sports become too important? Not at all. Watching them gives people a way to relax and get away from the pressures of work and everyday life.

Pretend you're a millionaire athlete. What sport are you in? Golf. You compete against yourself and rely on your own level of play. I love that.

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