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IQ: School house rock



After three months of doing more or less as one pleases, no student likes getting back to a micro-scheduled regimen of class, homework and studying. However, despite the early mornings and test cramming, school is where many people end up forming some of their best life memories.


Carrie Bowman
Job searching East Side

What's the best thing about going back to school? Buying new clothes, seeing your friends, getting to beat up on underclassmen -- just kidding.

What's your funniest "first day back" story? One time my friend got all dressed up for the first day and everything, and she actually got on the wrong bus. When she got there she was wondering why she was only one dressed different, and she freaked out and thought they changed the dress code. She finally had to call our school and have someone come pick her up.

What's the ugliest back-to-school fashion? When people try to mix plaid pants and striped shirts because I've seen people do that and that is, like, the worst thing ever and you should not do that in life. Ever.


Chandler Thompson
High-school student Palmer Park

What's your funniest "first day back" story? In sixth grade, there was a shirt that my mom bought for me that had a tag on it because it was new. I just kind of threw it on the first day of school and it still had the tag on it.

What's the ugliest back-to-school fashion? Wearing pimp clothes, like you're a pimp. When people look at you, they're really judgmental and are like, "Oh, he must do bad stuff."


Brad White (left) and Mirza Halilbasic
High-school students, Stetson Hills

What's the best thing about going back to school? White: The girls. A lot of them change. They get a lot hotter.

Halilbasic: Yeah. It's just fun to see all the people and getting to see all our friends. It's just a big ball -- a big ball o' fun.

What's the worst thing about going back to school?

Halilbasic: Waking up early, studying, homework.

White: And having to take showers.

What's your funniest "first day back" story?

White: One time Mirza was in class the first day and he had to go to the bathroom really bad and the teacher wouldn't let him. Halilbasic: That was not funny.

What's the ugliest back-to-school fashion?

Halilbasic: I saw these kids who wearing these shoes and every time you'd take a step they'd make a light.

White: Oh yeah, that's right, those stupid light shoes are coming back in.

What's did you do on your summer vacation?

White: I pretty much worked and drank quite a bit.

Halilbasic: We both went to Chicago together for a soccer tournament and stayed in the same room together. That was cool.

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