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IQ: Scandals left and right



The Rev. Don Armstrong has only been indicted, not convicted, on charges including embezzlement. But with the former Grace and St. Stephen's leader soon to go on trial, we're reminded that scandal infects local news as well as national and international.


John Sawyer

Publishing professional

Of all the current scandals, which bugs you most? [Dick] Cheney using his role as former VP to lambaste [Barack] Obama. I was sick of listening to his administration for eight years, and I resent having to keep hearing from it now that the country voted overwhelmingly for change.

What's the most outrageous local scandal? That deer now have more protection than dogs. I read where some neighborhood covenant rulebook states that anyone seeing a dog chasing a deer has a right to shoot the dog.

Is religion catching up, scandal-wise, to the political and corporate worlds? Religion is no more scandalous than it's ever been. It's just getting a lot closer media scrutiny now.

Are people getting more cynical and less outraged about scandals? So many things end in "-gate" now. People are seeing how a revolving circle of wrongdoing between corporations and politicians makes crime less likely to get prosecuted.


Laura Morgan
Old Colorado City

Physical therapist

We're being inundated with scandal at every level. Which one outrages you most? Bernie Madoff taking so many people's life savings and retirement money.

Is our era more scandal-riddled than previous ones? It's probably fair to say that the '50s and '60s had higher ethical standards.

Are people getting inured to scandal? We're so overexposed to it that it doesn't phase us as much. Unless it affects us directly, we're apathetic.

If you were in power, what would your scandal be? Too many shoes.


Jessica Williams
Piñon Valley

Stay-at-home mom

Which current scandal outrages you most? The Jon & Kate Plus 8 controversy on TV and the cover of People magazine. Plus, as a Republican, I don't like the auto bailouts. The government should let the market run its natural cycle.

Is it any consolation that British politics are mired in scandal, too? They're no different. It'll never be just us.

Is the amount and reach of corruption growing? It's arrogant to think our generation is any better than previous ones. They were people, we're people.

If you were in politics, what would your scandal be? Believe me, I'd never go anywhere near politics. I avoid it like the plague.

— Bob Campbell

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