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IQ: Rotten tomatoes



Earthquakes, oil spills, Arizona immigration laws ... it's hard to imagine anyone looking back on these as halcyon days. What's worse is that few people seem to think things will turn around any time soon.


Julie Rogers

Freelance computer nerd

Do you have a sense of things falling apart? It's more that everything's in flux. It makes people afraid, and fear makes them conservative, orthodox, less willing to dialogue. It undercuts our ability to solve problems.

Have things gotten better or worse for you this past year? Way worse. My main investment is my house, and falling property values have evaporated my equity. I question everything I was ever taught about money and how to plan for the future.

Have you contemplated moving? My bottom line as a single parent is keeping food on the table and a roof over our head. We need to be where we can grow food and afford to live. I'm thinking about moving back to Wisconsin.


April Kater
Old Colorado City

Women's soccer coach

Are things in a pattern of downward spiral? My biggest fear is the large number of crazy weather patterns, natural disasters and environmental degradation that we're seeing around the world. Also, the two wars we're waging.

Who or what is to blame? We can blame the government, we can blame corporations, we can blame the wealthy, but the problem is that we live beyond our means. We take more from this planet than we give. More and more eventually becomes less and less. That's catching up with us.

Can you point to anything good happening at present? Locally, we seem to be maintaining our parks. This is a very outdoorsy, recreation-oriented city.


John Barkley

Retired military

Are things in decline? Our leaders have lost sight of who should be protected, who should benefit. We're shipping jobs overseas. We're taking care of other countries instead of ourselves. Important programs are getting cut due to wasteful spending, and the illegal alien thing is out of control.

Have things declined for you personally? I'm retired military, so I'm doing OK, but a lot of friends have lost jobs and homes. They're really struggling.

Who or what is to blame? The present two-party system isn't working. They're more worried about blocking each other than about collaborating for the good of the country.

Have you contemplated leaving Colorado Springs? I'm thinking about moving to Canada.

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