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For film buffs, the hot local action is the upcoming Rocky Mountain Women's Film Festival. The term, "women's film," though, raises some interesting questions. Is there a common thread running through movies and documentaries written and directed by women in societies as diverse and far-flung as Borneo and Denver, Bombay and New York, Jerusalem and Los Angeles? Is there a fundamental difference between "women's film" and "men's film"?


Lisa Brown
Student, mom, clerk Hood: West Side

What differentiates women's film from men's film? You mean chick flicks? The emphasis is on relationships and how they're worked out as compared to action and how it's worked out.

What's the best-ever women-oriented movie? Loreign Margo, a French film about Queen Margaret.

Name a recent movie you can't get out of your mind. American Beauty. I left the theater looking at the world a little differently. The cinematography was incredible. It was a powerful movie.

What, to you, is the best-ever movie? An obscure, weird, Swedish film called My Life as a Dog. I loved the camera work, the weird angles and visual perspectives the director used in that film.


Carol Kerpan Evans
Concierge Hood: Suburban Broadmoor

What differentiates women's film from men's film? Women directors and writers are more tuned into female issues, including social and economic equality. Political empowerment.

What are your favorite women-oriented films? Thelma and Louise. Norma Rae. Films directed by Penny Marshall. Oh -- and Leaving Normal! I've seen that twice in the last month alone. It's a fabulous film. I talk all my friends into seeing it.

Name a movie that's profoundly affected you. I'm giving away my age, but I love the Tracy-Hepburn things. Woman of the Year, the big clash of the male/female personality. Pat and Mike.

Who would you cast to play Osama bin Laden in a movie about him? David Letterman.


Joanie Sharon
Program manager Hood: Downtown

What differentiates "women's film" from men's film? Women's films tend to deal with domestic abuse, women's rights, sexual equality, violence against women.

Name the best-ever woman-directed film. Prince of Tides. Better yet, Yentl. I adore Barbra Streisand and the strength of character she shows to break through traditional male roles to do things her way successfully.

What movie has affected you most deeply? Schindler's List. After all the violence and killing of this century, we still live in a discriminatory society.


John Nelson
Architect Hood: Central

What's the difference between women's and men's film? Women's films are more relational, more focused on interpersonal relationships and interactions between individuals. They deal more directly and frankly with feelings, the emotional aspects of life.

What's the best-ever women-oriented film? Moonstruck. It's a wonderful movie that deals directly with women's issues.

Who should play Osama bin Laden in a film of his life? Billy Bob Thornton.

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