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IQ: Rhapsody in black



While most of us are still recovering from the depths of a turkey coma, Black Friday warriors are busily combing websites and newspaper ads for deals, girding their loins with credit cards, and setting their alarms in preparation to go out there and buy, buy, buy.


Neal Cully
Mountain Shadows

Middle school math teacher

What possesses anyone to "buy stuff" at 3 a.m.? They're insane. I'd never get up that early to buy anything. I don't even leave my house on that day.

Have you ever purchased an "as seen on TV" item? Yeah, something called Big City Slider [Station] that makes tiny little hamburgers. I still have it.

Relate your best-ever Christmas gift. When I was a student at the University of Georgia, my dad got me two hard-to-come-by tickets to see Georgia play Notre Dame for the national championship in the [1981] Sugar Bowl.


Kacie Hertz


What comes to mind when you hear the term "Black Friday"? Hype.

Have you ever done the 3 a.m. shopping bit? I have, but I didn't get anything great or momentous out of it. I'm not sure why I even did it.

Do you have a favorite late-night cheesy infomercial? The Bullet Express one. It's a food processor, juicer and mixer. I bought one and I love it. I used it for Thanksgiving dinner, in fact.

If you could buy items guaranteeing whiter teeth, ripped abs, or tight buns, which item would you buy? The one for good abs. I already have white teeth and OK buns.

Describe your best-ever holiday gift. A trip to New York City to see my son perform in Cirque du Soleil. He was the trickster in a show they do called Kooza.


Mark Castle
Cañon City

River guide

What does Black Friday bring to mind for you? People out for bargains.

Were you a Black Friday shopper this year? We just got back from a store that sells outfitter gear on consignment.

Have you ever made a late-night infomercial purchase? Yeah, a DVD conditioning program called the Insanity Workout — one of the best purchases I've ever made. I use it five to six days a week.

Did you ever give Christmas gifts that didn't cost money? I have nine brothers and sisters, so we often made our Christmas gifts. One year a girlfriend and I made a slew of picture frames out of a fallen aspen tree.

What's your coolest-ever holiday gift? The time my father rented a condo at Disney World for a giant family reunion the week leading up to Christmas.

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