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An entertainment mainstay since the beginning of the 20th century, broadcast radio is sinking further into the wake of the shift to Internet and satellite radio. When we lose local stations and local DJs, do we lose an important part of our community?


Clayton Hull-Crew
North central


Do you listen to any broadcast radio? Yes I do, I listen to 91.5 mostly. I enjoy a lot of the talk shows they have, and they usually hit me with music I've never heard before and I'll find it interesting and look it up and have a new band.

Is there anything broadcast radio can do to salvage the industry? I think the HD radio is a good step, because that gives them the in-between channels.

Would it really matter if broadcast radio went out of business completely? Absolutely. I think that would be a terrible thing. Local radio stations, in my experience here and in my experience traveling, can give you a good flavor for an area; it tells you a lot about a place. And I think keeping that sort of thing in the community is important.


Mara Baker


Do you listen to any broadcast radio? I listen to NPR. I think that's the only radio I listen to, actually.

Do you listen to any streaming radio? I listen to Pandora every once in a blue moon.

What are your earliest memories of listening to broadcast radio? Driving around, when I was a little girl, my dad would listen to talk radio and I found it either soothing or boring, but either way it would put me to sleep.

How important is it for the radio you listen to to have a local component? Not very. I tend to get my local news from other sources like the Internet — I like to have a pretty varied array of sources for my news.


Anne Shiverdecker

Retail professional

Do you listen to any AM/FM radio? I listen to KTLF. It's a religious station. It lifts my spirits.

What are your earliest memories of listening to the radio? I've been listening since I was 5 or 6, in the '50s.

Is it important for radio to have a local aspect? I think it's important to support the community, and local radio is part of that.

If local stations went out of business, how would that affect you? As long as I could still listen to the music I listen to, I wouldn't have any problems switching to a different system of broadcast.

— Kevin Kehl

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