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IQ: Primary? What primary?



Next week's primaries will likely be the deciding election for many races, including most of the county's legislative races. So what does it say that we know more about Councilman Charles Wingate's pizza parties than the candidates who we will select next Tuesday, Aug. 13? (Check out this week's primary coverage . Then, vote!)

Tara Pibel

Name a local politician who makes any difference at all. Richard Skorman tries to be a liberal voice on City Council. He helps to break up an otherwise solid conservative block.

Name the key issues facing El Paso County. Runaway growth and development and traffic congestion. I question whether there should be any more development at all.

Can you name a candidate for County Commissioner in the Aug. 13 primary? No.

Who is Charles Wingate? All I know is that there's been a lot of scandalous stuff associated with him lately. He's been unemployed for six months, he might lose his home and he apparently bought pizza with the wrong credit card.


Bill Toth
Retired computer programmer

What local politician has made a difference? It's hard for any one politician to make a difference because we don't have a two-party system here. You have to be a Republican to win elections in El Paso County. Even the recent trend for several candidates to run as a block hasn't translated into meaningful difference.

What are the most important issues locally? Growth and traffic. Development isn't paying for itself, and we have water shortages and clogged roads.

Name a candidate for County Commissioner. I went to the recent candidates forum, but Dean Tollefson is the only one I can remember.

Who is Charles Wingate? A City Council member who is under fire. I'm curious about what happened to the people who backed him in the last election. They seem to have disappeared. I think he's innocent until proven guilty, though.


Harry J. Rouch
Retired technical writer

Has any local politician made a meaningful difference? Mayor Makepeace has. She's interested in what people say and tries to meet their needs.

What are the key issues in El Paso County? Unregulated growth. I recently had to go to Monument late in the afternoon and traffic was bumper-to-bumper, barely moving. There aren't any viable east-west routes across town. There are too many people and traffic is a nightmare. People want the economy to grow, so they want more and more businesses to come in, which means more people, more urban sprawl and more congestion.

Name a candidate for County Commissioner. I can't.

Who is Charles Wingate? A City Council member who is facing bankruptcy and used a city credit card to buy pizza at home. I don't know much more about him.

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