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The Washington Post figured out that if you combine the 38 days that George W. Bush has spent at his Camp David retreat since he was sworn in last January with his current month-long vacation, Dubya's spent a whopping 42 percent of his presidency vacationing. That's more vacation time than any U.S. president in 32 years. The typical American, meanwhile, works more hours annually than any worker in the world. How's that for a role model?

Dave Wyckoff
  • Dave Wyckoff

Dave Wyckoff
Hood: Woodland Park

Should Americans be thankful or upset that Bush is away from the job so much? He's doing us a favor. The less politicians do, the better off we are.

What's your longest vacation? One week.

What's the longest you've gone without a vacation? Eight years.

How does Texas strike you as a vacation site? Both times I was in Texas were by accident.

What was your best-ever vacation? A week of sitting on the beach in San Diego -- the only vacation I've ever taken just for fun instead of visiting family or having to do something.

Anne Koerner
  • Anne Koerner

Anne Koerner
Hood: Old Colorado City

Is it a plus or minus for Americans that Bush is off the job so much? I think every American worker should have 30 days off. We're a workaholic culture. Bush should have his 30 days off and the rest of us should be so lucky.

With 1 the highest and 20 the lowest, how would you rank Texas as a vacation site? Somewhere around 22. I hate heat, humidity and the death penalty.

What were your best and worst vacations? Both were the same vacation -- a mind-altering trip to Bolivia two years ago. It made me re-appreciate living in America at the same time that it highlighted how workaholic our culture really is -- what a friend of mine calls "the hurry sickness." Toward the end of that same trip, I came down with pneumonia.

  • Valentine

Hood:Carefree, Arizona

Is it a plus or minus that Bush vacations so much? I'm a workaholic. I typically work seven days a week, so I can respect someone who takes time off, as long as he or she gets the job done. I'm not a big Bush supporter, but I don't begrudge him vacations.

What's your longest-ever vacation? I spent six months hitchhiking across the U.S. between my freshman and sophomore year of college.

What's the longest you've gone vacationless? Three years.

How would you rate Texas as a vacation site? Personally, pretty high. I've spent some time there and know some good places. You don't want to be there in the summer, though.

What's your best-ever vacation? Probably the one I'm on now. I had a show in Breckenridge two weekends ago and I'll be doing a show in Evergreen this weekend. I've spent the time in between enjoying Manitou and Colorado Springs, two of my favorite places anywhere.

What's your worst vacation? In 1978, when I was married to the wrong woman.

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