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IQ: One man's fish, another's poisson



Eating in restaurants can be an enormous pleasure, but our visions of good eatin' vary. Some of us prefer fast and flavorful, while others seek a "dining experience."


Julie Francis
Northern Colorado Springs

Full-time mom

Do you prefer restaurant chains or independent eateries? It's important to me for food to be both flavorful and healthy, and I'm less likely to get both in a chain restaurant meal. Plus, I prefer supporting our local economy.

What's your favorite area restaurant? Adam's Mountain Café. The food is delicious, healthy and comes mostly from local growers.

Name your all-time favorite restaurant. Despite what I just said, I dream about the deep-dish, fully loaded pizza at Gino's, back in Chicago.

If you opened a restaurant, describe what it'd be like. It would feel like you're eating in a wilderness or tropical garden setting. Plus, it would have really good margaritas.


Caleb Spear
Union and Academy

Bio-energy researcher

Do you eat out more at chains or independents? I prefer the character, individuality and entrepreneurial streak of the independents.

Name your all-time favorite restaurant. I lived in Nepal for a while, and there's several there I really miss. Locally, La'au's Taco Shop is my current passion because of its unique, international-istic cuisine.

Is there a restaurant you're willing to drive out of town to visit? I drive to Boulder every now and then to eat at Dushanbe Tea House. It's in a building that was fabricated in [Tajikistan] and shipped to Boulder.

What would be cool about your restaurant if you opened one? It would be bicycle-oriented and pet-friendly, located downtown, and serve eclectic, affordable world cuisine — a great place for hanging out.


Mary Kerwin
Old North End


Do you patronize chains or independents more? Something interesting is far more likely to show up on the menu in an independent. Most everything at chains you're likely to have eaten a hundred times before.

What's your favorite-ever restaurant? The Blue Vervain, a small place in Manitou that recently closed. At present, we're impressed by Yoo Mae, a Japanese restaurant with a Korean cook. We lived in Japan for four years before moving here, and Yoo Mae is both delicious and authentically Japanese.

What cuisine are we lacking locally? We need places that have more interesting vegetarian options than salads.

Describe the restaurant you'd open. My husband grew up in Turkey, where he learned to cook. He's actually talked about opening a Middle East-style fish restaurant here.

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