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IQ: Money and politics



Just what is the going salary for a politician these days? For a state legislator, it's $30,000 for four months' work, plus expenses. Meanwhile, El Paso County commissioners take home $63,200 a year. And the salary for Colorado Springs City Council members? A whopping $6,250 a year.


Wes Galyartt
West Side

Who deserves a raise most: county commissioners, City Council members or state legislators? State legislators deserve it least. They make more than their counterparts in Nebraska, where I come from.

Given the state's $1 billion shortfall, what programs should be cut? Road construction, maybe, or administrative areas. Education should not be cut, but anything else is fair game.

Whose fault is the shortfall? Legislators are blaming the economy, but I think it's because they lowered taxes. They should have kept the surplus. I think taxes are too low in Colorado.


Aaron Menza
Restaurant host

When was the last time you got a raise? About five months ago, from $11 to $12 an hour.

Given the $1 billion shortfall this state faces, what programs should be first on the cut list? Money for prison construction. Education, of course, should be untouchable. Programs like D.A.R.E., which aren't producing results, should be cut, despite their good intentions.

Whose fault is the budget shortfall? The people who make the budget.


John Falese
Operations manager
East Side

Who deserves a pay raise more: City Council members, county commissioners or state legislators? At present, you can't afford to serve on City Council unless you're affluent. They should make it a full-time, paid position.

Given the budget shortfall, what programs should be cut first? Education funding absolutely should not be cut. In fact, it should be increased. They shouldn't cut back on health-care funding, either, and probably not road upkeep or parks. Anything else is fair game.


Chris Green
House painter

Who most deserves a pay raise: the county commission, the City Council or the state Legislature? City Council. It should be a full-time, salaried position.

Given the budget shortfall, cutbacks are in the works. What should be first on the chopping block? Maybe they're going overboard on security funding. The last thing that should be cut is education.

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