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IQ: May I have another?



We all have foods we favor most when feeling blue, or festive, or just plain-and-simple hungry. Usually, it seems, they're light on the lettuce and heavy on the heavy cream.


Lesia Martin
Near Dublin & Academy

Financial professional

What's your favorite comfort food? Ice cream, especially mint chocolate chip.

Name a dish that takes you back to childhood. Black-eyed peas, like Mom and Grandma made it.

Describe the meal you'd have tonight if you could have anything you want. A nice chopped steak at Texas Roadhouse with mashed potatoes and broccoli, dinner rolls and iced tea.

Is there a food you avoid because it's gotten so expensive? All meat has gotten expensive, even chicken, so I eat a lot of tilapia and tuna.

What's the most exotic thing you've eaten? Alligator soup. It was pretty good, too.


John Spengler
Old Colorado City

Biology teacher

Is there a dish that takes you back to childhood? Curry. I grew up in Asia, India and Pakistan.

Relate the meal you'd have tonight if it could be anything whatsoever. I'm partial to French cooking, so I'd start with a good wine, move on to suprême de volaille [chicken breasts in a white-wine cream sauce] and brussels sprouts, and finish with a dessert wine.

Do you avoid a food for fear it's contaminated? People don't realize it, but almost everything you eat has salmonella, so I don't buy into that hype. I do tend to avoid processed foods, though, and anything with dye in it.

Name the weirdest thing you've eaten. Monkey brain, 30 years ago in Thailand. It was on the menu, so I gave it a go. Brain, however — particularly primate brain — is bad to eat because it contains prion fragments, the source of mad cow disease.


Paul Marchese

Federal Express employee

Name your comfort food of choice. Anything my wife makes, and hamburgers.

Is there a meal you love that's really bad for you? My wife keeps telling me how bad hamburgers are for me, so occasionally I have elk or buffalo burgers instead. It's the bacon on top that really does me in, though.

Describe the meal you'd have tonight if it could be anything. I'd begin with a gin martini and calamari from the Blue Star. Then I'd have a seared-on-the-outside, rare-on-the-inside steak with creamed spinach and French fries. Dessert would be crème brulée.

What's the oddest thing you've eaten? I like cottage cheese mixed with blue cheese. My wife thinks that's weird.

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