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It was almost too easy: a notebook page full of questions about buying local, and a farmers market full of sun-drenched shoppers, last Saturday morning in Old Colorado City.


Karlin Erk
Cheyenne Meadows


How much attention do you pay to local products? I'd rather support local guys than buy things that have been shipped a thousand miles. Especially produce — you know where it's coming from buying local.

Are you willing to pay more for a product if it's local? I am. I don't want to pick on Walmart, they're a good store, but I hate to buy there, even if it costs less. I'd rather buy locally.

What's your view of big-box stores trying to pass their goods off as local? I guess you can't blame them. Everyone's trying to make it in this economy. Walmart and I have very different definitions of "local," though.


Eric Jewett

Commercial roofer

Do you pay attention to local products? I do, more and more. I've been reading Joel Salatin about organic farming, and Michael Pollan's The Omnivore's Dilemma, so I'm a lot more aware of those kinds of things.

Are you willing to pay more for a product that's local? Mostly, but it takes a change in buying habits. The part of town we live in is all big-box stores, so we have to drive a bit to buy local.

What's so great about buying local? I come from a small Illinois town of 5,000 where every day you saw the value of supporting local farmers and businesses. The little grocery store I worked in there had a community feel. You knew your customers, they knew you.

Is there a business you patronize because it's local? The Agia Sophia coffee shop and bookstore.


Cathy Schwab
Old Colorado City


Do you go out of your way to buy local? I like to support the underdog, so I'll often shop at neighborhood places like Mountain Mama instead of giant chains like Walmart.

Name a now-gone local business that you miss. Roger's Bar in Old Colorado City. It was individually owned, a great place. I miss it a lot.

What's so good about buying local? Local businesses are more homey. They give better service.

— Bob Campbell

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