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IQ: Let's start over



The food's gone, the guests departed, the messes cleaned. With New Year's Eve behind us, we're left with a healthy dose of retrospective — and a whole bunch of fresh goals and resolutions for 2011.


Cheryl Ray
Chipita Park

College instructor

What's the last memorable thing to happen to you in 2010? All my students turned in their papers on time and got good grades.

Do you have a New Year's resolution? I usually don't make resolutions. I broke my leg in 2009, so last year I resolved not to break another bone ever again.

What word from 2010 do you not want to hear in 2011? "Tweet." I'm going to describe how I communicate as a "tweet"? I think not.

Do you have "Champagne taste"? If not, what did you toast the New Year with? Yes, I do. No, actually I toasted with Pouilly-Fuissé, a French white burgundy.


Mark Gunn
Old Colorado City


How's your outlook on 2011? Positive.

Did you make resolutions in 2010? Yes ... quit drinking and smoking. Haven't done it since.

What word from 2010 would you not like to hear in 2011? "I'm just saying." It's wore out.


Diane Brown


Do you have a resolution for 2011? To be more efficient at what I do, whatever it is.

What word from 2010 do you not want to hear in 2011? Cuss words, I guess.

What was your first meal of 2011? Shrimp.


Katy Reaka
Woodland Park

Young Life mentor

Do you have any resolutions for 2011? I want to walk in what I've learned this last year. I want to be challenged by things like healing and social justice and the bigger picture. ... Just really serving with all of who I am this year.

What word from 2010 do you not want to hear in 2011? The word "want" just drives me nuts, when people are saying, "I want that" or "I need that."

What was your last meal of 2010? We were snowed in, so it was whatever was left in our house. We ended up having a big nacho bar.

What was your first meal of 2011? Oh, so good! I had all of the girls that I've been mentoring in the last year over for breakfast. It was a huge layout of pancakes and lots of really good food. Yogurt and granola is what I started with.

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