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IQ: Let the Games begin



If you're into winter sports — from curling to ski jumping, bobsledding to figure skating — the Vancouver Olympics will be two weeks of TV heaven.


Donovan Seck


What events are you sure to watch in the upcoming Winter Olympics? Downhill skiing and snowboarding.

If you could be an Olympian, in what event would you want to compete? In the Summer Games, mountain biking. In the Winter Games, curling — just because it's so ridiculous. I don't even know the rules or how to keep score.

Would you rather win an Olympic medal or star in the Super Bowl? Either way, all those Wheaties commercials would be pretty sweet.


Kevin Morgan
Friendship Circle

Campus security

Do you prefer the Winter or the Summer Games? I ran in college, I'm training for the Pikes Peak Ascent, and I have the second-best time on the Manitou Incline — 19:06 — so I like the track and field competition in the Summer Games.

What's the all-time best Olympic moment? Billy Mills' huge upset win in the 10,000 meters in 1964. No one's ever had a finishing kick like that.

Would you rather be an Olympic medalist or a Super Bowl hero? I dream about running in the Olympics.


Kate Deignan
North End


If you could be an Olympian, what would be your event? Sailing.

Does the Olympic Training Center make Colorado Springs feel like an Olympic city? It's nice that it's here, but I disapprove of what the city's doing to keep it here.

Name a product that you as a celebrity would never endorse. Anything promoting a lifestyle I wouldn't want to discuss with my grandmother.


Mike Belshe
Cheyenne Mountain area

Unemployed carpenter

What Winter Games events are you sure to watch? All the skiing events, most of the ice events, especially hockey.

How do the Winter Games stack up against the Summer Games? Being from Colorado, I'm all about skiing and the mountains. The Winter Games are far better.

Name the best-ever Olympic moment. The U.S. hockey team defeating the Russians in 1980 — a bunch of college kids beating this unstoppable, state-sponsored behemoth. It was absolutely unbelievable.

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