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After long debate, the Senate voted Saturday to repeal the 1993 Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy, which allowed gay Americans to serve in the military as long as they kept their sexual orientation a secret. The repeal bill, a campaign promise by President Obama, received his signature Wednesday.


Shani Zelinka Gift shop employee

West side

Do you find the [DADT] policy discriminatory? I feel like it's trying to keep something hidden about somebody in a way of making it a taboo. But I feel like it could be a protective thing because of how other people view a person being gay. But I think that everyone should be fine with a person being gay anyways.

Who (or who else) should not be allowed to serve in the military? I think that if anyone is willing, they should have the opportunity.

Do you think a longtime partner of a gay service member should have the right to be notified if their partner is killed in action? Yes. It's just like a heterosexual relationship, it's love no matter what. To not inform their partner would be ... morally wrong.


Scottie Murphy Barista

Woodland Park

Do you find the policy discriminatory? They go in and they're gay and they can't tell anybody. That's like telling a black person, "You can join the military, but you have to paint your skin white." You know what I mean? And that's discriminatory, too.

Who (or who else) should not be allowed to serve in the military? Other than people who are disabled, there should be no restriction. They restrict felons from joining, that's kind of unfair.

Why do you think this became such a big issue at the end of this year? There's always a hidden agenda to anything passed or reformed ... If there wasn't a need to have gays in the army, pardon my French, I'm not trying to sound racist, but if there wasn't a need, if we were in peacetime, they wouldn't allow them. They wouldn't even bring this bill up because it's not wartime.


Pat Flannery Bartender

Manitou Springs

Who should not be allowed to serve in the military? If you're physically able to perform then I guess I don't see a problem.

What do you think about the repeal coming in the midst of two wars? I don't think it's going to affect a whole lot. I think Don't Ask, Don't Tell still is going to be in place under the table. The people who are open about it, they're gonna deal with that on their own. I don't think it's going to affect much.

Do you think this marks the beginning of equality for gay Americans? This is a small step. I wouldn't say it makes a lot of difference.

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