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IQ: Latin flavor


The hottest dance craze these days has a Latin flavor, salsa and the tango in particular. Colorado Springs has been no exception to the seduction of the dances.

Oh, and about that Cinco de Mayo: Rick Gonzales (below) is correct.

Masa Holle

Why is salsa so popular now? Couples dancing is a way for people to connect that we haven't had for a long time -- especially salsa, which is sexy and friendly. It's a joyous thing.

What's your dance? I love to rumba and I love to waltz. I started out in ballet, branched out into modern, then into bharata natyam, a south Indian temple dance. I also studied ballroom dancing pretty seriously, including Latin dancing.

What dance would you most like to learn? The tango. It takes skill on the part of both partners; you have to be relating in order to do it. You have to be able to lead and follow at the same time, a concept I like.

What is Cinco de Mayo? A celebration of Latin culture.


Heike Gazetti
Air Force musician

What's the big deal about salsa? The music is catchy and most people can pick it up OK.

When was the last time you went out dancing? Four years ago.

What's your dance? I'm best at the cha-cha.

What dance would you most like to learn? Probably salsa and other Latin dances.

What is Cinco de Mayo? A spring festival in Mexico. Kind of like Mardis Gras.

When does it take place? I don't know.


Rick Gonzales
D-11 security

Why is salsa taking off? It's what's in now. It'll be popular for a while and something else will take its place.

When was the last time you went dancing? A month ago.

What's your favorite local dance venue? I like Tex/Mex and Tejano music, and the best place for that is Twisters.

What's your dance? I like Cumbia.

What dance would you most like to learn? Two-step country dancing.

What is Cinco de Mayo? [The anniversary of] a battle between the French and Mexicans that they celebrate every year, though not in Mexico.

How do you celebrate it? I don't. If a friend has a party or wants to go to the club, I'll go, but I don't celebrate the day as such.

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