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This three-day weekend often brings the first weekend on the lake, backyard barbecues, and time with loved ones, or at least family. But does anyone remember what we're actually meant to recognize on this holiday?


Rene Mondejar

Real estate

Has the economy affected your travel plans for Memorial Day weekend? I don't think so. We usually take this holiday and relax and stay around the home front here.

What's your ideal Memorial Day weekend? Lots of sun, no cold weather and not windy. Maybe a barbecue on Saturday or Sunday and lots of soccer, lots of baseball.

Has the meaning of Memorial Day been lost? I think people look at it to spend time more for themselves rather than the veterans and what the day should really be about — giving thanks for a lot of things that happened a long time before we were here.


Lois Jennings


What are your Memorial Day weekend plans? Usually I barbecue and hang out with the family.

Has the economy affected your travel plans? Pretty much yes, I'm not traveling this year.

How have your plans changed from what you would do in the past? Actually, my son passed away two months ago, so that's pretty much why my plans have changed for this year. Every day is Memorial Day for me now.


Brandon Cole


What's your favorite Memorial Day tradition? Just barbecuing and hanging out with friends.

What's your ideal Memorial Day weekend? I'd spend it with family — they live here in the Springs.

Do you think the real reason for Memorial Day has been forgotten? Yeah, I think so. It's supposed to be in remembrance of the veterans but it's the same with a lot of holidays, like Christmas and the Fourth of July.


Synthia Morris
West side


What are your plans this Memorial Day weekend? I'm going to Santa Fe and Taos.

Economically, are we worse off than at this time last year? I think we are worse off, and I think it has had some effect on other people's plans.

What do you do to honor the veterans? I usually put a flag up, and I try to put some flowers out for a veteran I know who is buried at the Air Force Academy.

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