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Horoscopes, tarot cards, palm reading, tea leaves, Ouija boards, meditation, prayer, chakra tuning, seances, phone psychics, divine revelation, astral projection, past-life or back-to-the-womb regression, female intuition, speaking in tongues, crop circles, even those odd moments of dj- vu -- a surprisingly large percentage folks have apparently dabbled at some level in The Beyond. Here's a few we ran into on the streets of downtown.

Tim Garcia
  • Tim Garcia

Tim Garcia
Constitution & Circle
Student, pizza cook

Have you ever consulted a psychic? No, but I have a friend who is really into palm reading. My palms indicate that I have prosperity and long life awaiting me. Fortune cookies have affirmed this, too.

Was your friend right? Who knows? If I take care of my health and put a lot of emphasis on making money, she could be right.

Can the future be foretold? An astute observer can pick up on a few quirks and characteristics that will likely shape a person's future. If that tendency pans out, the person assumes it was because the person who predicted it is somehow psychic or prophetic.

What does the future hold for George W. Bush? He'll start a war, like his daddy. The economy is slowing down. Nothing like a short, quick-win war to invigorate the money flow.

Adrienne Moore
  • Adrienne Moore

Adrienne Moore
Carefree & Academy

Have you ever consulted a psychic? I went to a palm reader once. She told me that I'd have three children, the first by the man I was with at the time, the other two by the next man in my life. She said a wedding and a big move were in my future.

Was she right? She was a pretty sharp observer, but I don't know about psychic. For one thing, she could see that I was pregnant at the time, and it probably didn't take a whole lot to see that my relationship to the guy there with me was kind of rocky. And yes, I did make a big move by coming to Colorado, but "big move" could be defined a lot of ways.

What does the future hold for George W. Bush? He'll get us into another war to rev up the economy and get re-elected.

Ellen Gentry
  • Ellen Gentry

Ellen Gentry
Cimarron Hills
El Paso County Human Services

Have you ever consulted a psychic? I did once in Pueblo at the urging of my daughter. I was told I'd never have a lot of money, but that I'd manage okay on what I have. She said I needed to change my thinking about something that was important to me, but she didn't say what. She also said I have a healing touch, that my life is a prayer, that I may have walked with Jesus in a past life, and that in a previous life I died as a youth from an Indian raid on the prairie.

What does the future hold for George Bush? He'll be a one-term president because he doesn't care about the environment and he'll let the social security system fail.

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