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IQ: Helping the homeless



Funding for hotels for the homeless is expected to run out in October. If the unemployed are unable to find jobs before then, the city once again could face a cold winter with many people looking for places to pop up tents.


Robin Dillon
South downtown

Wells Fargo adviser

Do you think people will be able to find jobs soon? It depends on what they're willing to do. I think there are jobs out there; people just don't always want to take what's offered.

Is there a better solution? I don't know. I think it's a problem. Not just us; it's a problem everywhere. Some people are homeless because they want to be and some people are forced into it, and how do you fix that? You spend more money on social programs.

So is it our responsibility as a community to do something? No. You can only give people so much. Sometimes they take it or not. It's nice to offer it, but it's not our social obligation to do so.


Joshua Brambila


Do you think the Springs has more jobs available now? I don't think specifically more jobs, no. I do hope [the unemployed] find jobs, though.

The [homeless hotel] program ends in October. Are you worried about a winter like last one? Maybe. I mean they probably will have to do something to get [the homeless] out of the cold, if they want it. If they want something else in their lives, there are programs available.

Would you be willing to fund more programs? I'm not much of a politics kind of person. I try to stay neutral. I think whatever the community decides is best for everyone I will support.


Rita Hess

Public relations

Do you think that the programs for the homeless are worthwhile? Well, I don't see the camps driving down the highway anymore, so I'd say they are working well.

Is it a community or an individual responsibility to provide shelter and jobs for the homeless? I think it's both. It's up to the community to have something available, but that won't do any good if the individuals don't take advantage of that.

Have you seen an improvement in the economy lately? There are always jobs out there. I have never not been able to get a job when I need one, so if people really want to work they are able to.

Would you support continuing a similar program? If people want to live in a tent then they should be able to — I mean, it's up to them. But if they don't want to and don't have that choice, there should be the opportunity for programs for that.

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