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IQ: Green acres



We like to think of our unique hobbies as interesting, and our personal eccentricities as charming. Of course, the neighbors may view them a little differently.


Nathan Whitney
Templeton Gap

Assistant district attorney

What's the oddest hobby you've seen? One of my friends collected running shoes. He had almost 250 pairs at one point.

Would you consider keeping bees? Not a chance. When I was little, my dad unwittingly pitchforked a beehive hidden in some mulch and we all got stung a bunch of times.

What's the oddest pet you've had? An iguana and a hedgehog. Neither was all that great of a pet.


Gayle Irani
Broadmoor Bluffs

Computer science teacher

What's the most unusual do-it-yourself project you've done? Building agility equipment for my dogs.

Would you consider raising chickens? I might if I lived in a rural area and had room to do it. My grandmother raised chickens.

What's the oddest pet you've seen? My son has had geckos. I've known people who had snakes and tarantulas as pets.

Predict the next big food trend. Vegan.


Seth Hughes
Broadmoor area

Middle school teacher

Name your most memorable do-it-yourself project. I partly got through college by fixing up and selling Mustangs. This past summer I rebuilt the power train on a '71 Dodge pickup.

Would you consider beekeeping? It might be interesting, but I don't like getting stung.

How about raising chickens? That'd be a little more like it. Just sit around watching them peck, getting free eggs.

Predict the next food craze. Harvesting organic hardwood leaves for salads in the latest designer restaurants.


Shawn Davis
Academy & Union

Memorial Hospital employee

Would you consider beekeeping? My apartment complex wouldn't appreciate that.

How about raising chickens? I'm not big on chickens, either.

What's the oddest pet you've had in the past? I thought it would be cool to have a rat when I was little. It stopped being cool after a few weeks, but I kept it for a long time.

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