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IQ: Going, going, green


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As the green movement reveals its reach, proponents prove that no aspect of life is without an outlet for applied sustainability. Take green burial, in which a casket is replaced with a biodegradable box or shroud that allows a body to decompose freely.


Regina Casey

Pikes Peak Park

Administrative technician

Is green burial something you'd consider for yourself? With waste and buildup and everything, I think [green burial] or cremation would be the way to go. We're running out of room everywhere. ... We've got a lot more people, and a lot more people dying. We should reduce where we can.

So green burials aren't an indication that the green movement has gone too far? Whatever could be done, should be done, and I don't think that's crossing the line. I think, like with everything, people still have a choice in what they want to do.

Do you think the people of Colorado Springs would be open to the idea of green burials? We may be slower than some places, but I think that we could.


Gerry Murphy

North End

Tour guide

Have you given thought to how you want your remains handled? Doesn't matter to me. Put me out with the Monday trash, as long as you make it a big Glad bag; that's all I care about.

Do you think the green burial movement could be successful in our town? Enough people understand ... that [green burials] can still be done with dignity, just like anything else ... they just want it to be with respect. This green concept will have to happen, or we'll just have the entire country made up of cemeteries. ... We're getting back to the simpler life, because that's what green is about.


Jessica Barrett



Are green burials something that you think could catch on here, in Colorado Springs? [Green burial] would almost be degrading, unless [loved ones] understood the long-term benefits and effects. I don't picture that being a popular idea. ... I would want to do something more traditional, as part of the whole process of letting go. ... [Colorado Springs] is a good place to start something that's a little out there, as far as people's acceptance levels, but initially I think it'll be a hard thing to introduce.

Do you think something like this could be taking the green movement too far? It's another way in which people like to and want to make sure to contribute and make every minute count. It's another opportunity.

What do you think is the largest obstacle for this concept to overcome? This is the first time I've heard about it. I can't picture what my friends would say, or their families. So, exposure.


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