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The corridors of our subconscious are lined with photographic images. They range from our mothers as young teens to one of our children taking their first steps to the dead scattered like kindling at Gettysburg, the napalmed Vietnamese girl, Ruby shooting Oswald, Ali taunting Frazier, and the World Trade Towers aflame. Try to imagine a life without photos to mark time's passage.

-- Bob Campbell

Julie Willis
Cheyenne Canyon Systems engineer

What's the best photo opportunity in Colorado Springs? The Air Force Academy chapel from the inside. It's the combination of an awesome, panoramic view of the mountains and all that stained glass.

What's this city's most photogenic intersection? The intersection of North Nevada and East Platte with the statue of General Palmer. The most photogenic face? Mary Mashburn, the founder of the local Imagination Celebration. The best urban landscape? The group of older buildings at Kiowa and Nevada, including the post office. The best local rural landscape? That whole area up the pass where you enter Crystola.

What's your all-time most memorable photographic image? A photo I took of my stepmother this summer. I hadn't seen her in years, and a month later she died unexpectedly. I cherish that photo.


Veronica Lendt
Briargate Salesperson

What's the most photographic spot in Colorado Springs? The downtown statues of historic Colorado Springs figures.

What local view is just begging to be photographed? The panoramic view you get of the Air Force Academy against the mountains when you're on one of the hills alongside it up north.

What's the Springs' most photogenic street? It's a tossup between Wood Avenue, Nevada Avenue or Cascade Avenue with all those classic Victorian homes. The best urban landscape? East of the Springs down by the airport there's a beautiful, serene, basically untouched mesa that I love. The best rural landscape? The back way up to Cripple Creek in the fall when all the leaves are changing.

What's your most memorable photographic image? Jacqueline Kennedy the day of JFK's funeral. There's something so poignant about her dignity in the face of such tragedy.


Jeremiah Jackson
Broadmoor area Studying for the bar exam

What's the best photo you could take of Colorado Springs? Acacia Park. The combination of history and present-day reality appeals to me.

What's the best view, photographically speaking? Looking down at Colorado Springs from Old Stage Road up behind The Broadmoor. The best urban landscape? Downtown where Tejon meets Pikes Peak because you have Kimball's Theater and those historic buildings -- there's so much going on. The best rural landscape? North Cheyenne Canyon.

What's your most memorable photograph? The photo of the hooded terrorists in the '72 Munich Olympics.

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