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IQ: For God, for country, for Colorado Springs



In a live TV interview on election night, our new mayor, Lionel Rivera, said he'd felt God's presence at his side throughout the campaign. If last week's election results are a gauge, God was also feeling robustly conservative and pro-male this time around.

-- Bob Campbell


Susan Richard
Account manager Northwest

Did God want Lionel Rivera to be mayor of Colorado Springs? The God I believe in couldn't care less who is mayor of this town.

What do you make of Rivera's election-night statement? It's inappropriate and presumptuous to think he's God's preference.

What do you think about the fact that every winner in this election was male, leaving only one female on Council? I don't have a problem if it just so happens that the winning candidates had the superior views. It's a lot healthier, though, if there's more of a male/female balance.

Is the mail-in ballot a good idea? No. I, for one, never got a ballot.

Is the clear-cut shift to the right on Council a step forward or a step backward for our town? A step backward. Maybe two or three. Generalizations are suspect, but it's my experience that the conservative right doesn't value diversity of opinion or lifestyle.


Loretta Mestas
Attorney Near Divine Redeemer

What do you think about Rivera's statement that God was at his side throughout this campaign? I can't really say. Only God knows that.

Is it presumptuous to suggest that you're God's choice for mayor? Lionel Rivera's relationship to God is Lionel Rivera's business, not community business.

Is it a plus or a negative that every winning candidate is male? There needs to be women giving voice to the woman's point of view, too.

Are mail-in ballots a good idea? Yes, especially for people who don't get around easily.

Is last week's swing to the right a good sign for Colorado Springs? It's a step backward. I don't like to see that heavy a shift right or left. We need balance and diversity.


Theresa Maldonado
Receptionist Southgate

What do you think about Rivera's statement that the Lord was at his side? It strikes me as kind of arrogant. I don't think God chooses mayors. Voters chose the mayor.

What do you make of the all-male election results? I'd like to see more females on Council, but only as long as they're qualified candidates. I don't want females for females' sake. They need to be qualified females.

Was this election a step forward or backward for us? I don't see this uniformly conservative a Council as exactly a step forward. We need a healthy diversity of views. Conservatives tend to be locked into their answers.

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