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IQ: Fools rush in



Though its exact origins are unknown, April Fools' Day has a long and glorious tradition of helping other people feel like, well, fools. So this year, remember: Nothing is as it seems ... unless, of course, it is.


Tasara Fudge

Customer service

How do you think April Fools' Day originally got started? I think that somebody was really bored and decided to play a practical joke on their friend and then it just went on for a while after that.

What's the best trick you've done or had done to you? My husband loves that holiday because he is definitely a prankster. He once called me from a pay phone to say that he was in jail and arrested and I had to come get him. And I didn't believe him, so I hung up on him, and he called back again — collect, mind you — and I knew he was joking, but he had me in the car on the way to pick him up from jail. The joke's on him, though, because eight months later we got a $12 collect phone bill.

Is it our most pointless holiday? I think actually St. Patrick's Day is the most pointless holiday, but this runs a close second.


Sadie Waterman

Stay-at-home mom

How do you think April Fools' Day got started? Probably a bunch of idiots ... somebody got irritated with somebody and did something.

Will you do anything this year? Probably. Every year I do the spray nozzle on the sink — you put a rubber band on and you aim it — and every year everybody forgets about it.

Is April Fools' our most pointless holiday? No — Valentine's Day is. It's all about making money.


Amiee Fooshee

Nurse's assistant

What's the best trick you've done or had done to you? I don't know, but I plan on doing something big with my kids to make it impressionable for them. I'm going to tell them we're going to Disney World, and then take them to school. Do you think that's too mean?

Is it our most pointless holiday? I don't like Presidents Day. It just seems like I always need to go to the bank on those days, so at least April Fools' has some sort of fun element in it. I'd say no, definitely not.

Who's our biggest fool? Sarah Palin, definitely.

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