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Soda pop, salted french fries dripping with ketchup, saucy bacon greaseburgers, potato chips, cheese-crust pizza, tacos. Americans love our junk food, but the rise in genetically altered Frankenfoods, hormone-enhanced beef and milk -- which have been rejected by much of the rest of the world -- has some of us thinking twice about what we put into our bodies.

Anna Bretschneider
Student at Hastings College

How much soda do you drink? Hardly any. It's too sweet for my taste. I pretty much drink water or fruit juice.

Do you drink much milk? I don't think humans should ingest cow's milk because of the hormones they give the cows to make them produce more and the preservatives they put in milk to make it last longer. Soy milk tastes better anyway.

Do you grow any of your own food? I have a backyard garden where I grow cucumbers because they're easy and prolific.

Do you worry about steroids in meat? I buy all my meat in health food stores specifically to avoid steroids. And I pretty much avoid beef in favor of chicken.


Sharon Doyle
Palmer Park
College teacher on sabbatical

How much soda do you drink? Rarely any because of the preservatives and the sugar.

How much milk do you drink? I'm lactose intolerant so I don't drink cow's milk. I do, though, drink a cup of soy or rice milk daily. They're healthier anyway.

Do you grow any of your own food? I grow vegetable gardens whenever I'm in sufficiently settled circumstances.

Do you worry about steroids in meat? I think they're dangerous. I buy organic meat for that very reason. One or two instances probably isn't a big deal, but I worry about the accumulative effect over time.

What's your view of genetically altered food? It's dangerous to tamper with nature. We don't know exactly how that will affect our biologies, including resistance to diseases.


Robert Curtis

How much soda do you drink? I drink Pepsi or Sprite almost constantly. It keeps me awake and alert.

Do you drink much milk? I haven't had milk since high school. I'll drink milkshakes, but I don't like milk.

Are your eating habits affected by health concerns in any way? Not at all. I eat whatever's available and whatever I'm in the mood for. If I'm in a junk food area of town, I'll eat that. I eat a good full meal if I'm in a nice restaurant. At home, I eat whatever's handy. If it's there, I'll eat it.

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