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IQ: Feeling Achey



In politically conservative El Paso County, it seems like the higher your income -- and, consequently, the better your health-care coverage -- the more likely you are to oppose government subsidy of health care for the needy as "socialized medicine."


Rob Roberts
Computer consultant
Manitou Springs

What's your view of health care? It's dismal. Health insurance is incredibly expensive. A growing percentage of people don't have it.

Should the government play a role in health care? They should help [make] coverage be available to everyone -- maybe along the lines of the Canadian system where everyone is guaranteed health care. No one is left out in the cold.

What's your response to County Commissioner Tom Huffman's claim that the Department of Health is engaging in socialized medicine? "Socialized medicine" is such a knee-jerk buzzword around here. The government should make health care accessible to everyone. If that's socialized medicine, then I'm for it.


Sal Jamileh
Record store owner

What's your view on the ever-rising cost of health care? The future looks pretty grim. I wish they'd nationalize health care like in Europe.

What's the main crisis facing health care? The pharmaceuticals. That's where all the price-gouging starts.

Should the government play a role in community health? When the government gets involved, the burden falls on the taxpayer. We shouldn't have to pay for Bill Gates' prescriptions when he gets old.

What is the likelihood of a bioterrorist attack locally? I think it's huge, but we'd be foolish to assume it'll come from outside sources. Germ warfare is nothing new. The Pilgrims practiced it by trading Indians blankets infested with smallpox.


Thaunia Mazzella
Ridge subdivision

What's the state of local health care? It's assembly-line. Luckily, there are wonderful alternative health providers. I've been to a shaman, to Contact Reflex Analysis practitioners, and to nutritionists. I was dying from a condition that a nutritionist was able to diagnose and correct.

What's the government's role in health care? Educating people that there are alternatives to medical doctors.


Steve Montoya
Teaches parent-training

What is the state of local health care? If you have a job that lets you afford it, it's great. If you don't, it sucks.

What role should the government play in community health? The government spends billions on foreign aid. Why can't we spend that on health care for our citizens?

What's the biggest threat to our health? Low income. If you don't have money, you don't get health care.

What's the likelihood of bioterrorism locally? It's pretty high anywhere in the U.S. We can be attacked in a manner so subtle that we wouldn't recognize the danger until it's too late.

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