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Federal law prohibits its use, but Colorado voters approved medicinal applications of marijuana in 2000. Despite legal ambiguities, dispensaries advertise (somewhat) openly and sell to some 9,000 licensed cardholders statewide.


Josh Creadick


How do you feel about medical marijuana use? If a doctor thinks it advisable, I see no problem.

Would you favor decriminalizing marijuana? I would. It's so common, and there'd be a lot of plus sides to legalizing it.

Guess the average age of medical marijuana card holders. Forty-five. Abuse is less likely by that age. Doctors would be less hesitant about prescribing it.

Guess what an ounce of medical marijuana sells for. Ten bucks.


Karen Rowe

Civil engineer

Do you agree with medical marijuana use? Yes, especially for pain relief.

Should the federal law outlawing it trump state law? No. I'd like to see the federal law changed.

Should marijuana be legalized? Probably not. I look at alcohol, and there's a lot of alcoholics out there. Legalizing marijuana might get more people addicted to it.

Should alcohol also be banned, then? No. Alcohol has been part of our culture for a long time. It's more mainstream.

Guess the average age of medical marijuana users. Forty-five. There's probably more medical justifications for people that age and older.

Guess the average cost of an ounce of medical marijuana. Two hundred dollars.


Rick Dunagan
Upper Peregrine


What's your view on medical marijuana? It should be available if a doctor says it's the best treatment.

Should federal law override state law in this matter? No. It should come down to the doctor's medical judgment.

Should marijuana be decriminalized? I'm probably not ready for it to be freely available for recreational use, but I'd have a hard time saying it should be completely illegal.

Other than legality, describe the difference between alcohol and marijuana use. I don't see much difference. Marijuana might induce complacency, but who knows?

Guess the cost of an ounce of medical marijuana. When I was a kid, an ounce went for $15. I'd say it's at least $60 now.

Editor's note: The average cardholder's age is 41; an ounce of medical marijuana today costs between $275 and $420.

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