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IQ: Election aftertaste

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In the midterm elections, a record number of votes were cast locally, proof that people want to have their voice heard. But most voters we bumped into days later didn't want to talk publicly about politics. Here are the few who did.


Lon Rust

Liquor store owner

Did you vote? I vote every election.

Do you think the midterm elections are actually going to have an effect on the economy? Yes, we got more checks and balances into our government, so it's not as lopsided as before the midterms.

If you could make one rule that all Washington, D.C., politicians had to follow, what would it be? The way they campaign — a little less bashing and more positive campaigning about what they've done and what they want to do.


Tricia Best

Office coordinator

What was your motivation for voting? We've got an economy issue going on right now that we need to make sure the right people in office are taking care of.

Under what circumstances would you, yourself, run for political office? That doesn't seem like something I would ever want to do.

If you could make a rule for Washington politicians to follow, what would it be? Our forefathers were smart, and the Constitution was very well done. If there is one thing politicians have tried to mess with, it is the Constitution, and they need to not do that.


Paul Erickson


How important are social issues to you? Social issues are at the bottom of the list.

Would you vote for a candidate whose social stance goes against yours? Yes. I'd probably hold my nose, but ...

If you could make one rule that all Washington, D.C., politicians had to follow, what would it be? Putting an expiration date on laws. If laws expire after five or 10 years, we'd have to renegotiate and spend more time making sure that a law works.


John Walton
Woodland Park

Retired banker

Did you vote? I've voted since I was 21.

Do you think the midterms will actually affect the economy? Yes. Every time we've had a Republican administration, it's been a fairly good time in history, and every time we've had a Democrat administration, they love to spend on everything under the sun.

If you could make a rule for all politicians, what would it be? Stay outta my life.

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