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IQ: Egging on expirations



Moldy bread and smelly cheese (bleu aside) are usual indicators of ignored expiration dates, but with other foods like eggs or cereal, it's hard to know when to throw them out without trusting the date on the package.


Josh Trew

Local business owner

How long would you keep eggs past an expiration date? Generally, I wouldn't keep them past the date at all.

Have you ever heard of people going dumpster diving? I've known a lot of people who have done it. I'm an old-school punk rocker. I've never dumpster dived myself, but I've got a lot of friends who have.

Do you think that it's a viable thing for people to do? I think that if it supports their livelihoods or makes ends meet, then sure, they're more than welcome to it. It's just not my thing.

What foods wouldn't you take out of a dumpster? Any perishables. When you're looking at canned goods and stuff like that, it's fine, but usually those don't get thrown out. Maybe raw vegetables, too, if they looked decent.

Is there any food you wouldn't check the expiration date of? I don't always check them, but I've worked in restaurants and you can generally look at a product and tell that it's taken a turn.


Robert Burch
Stetson Hills

Army, Department of Logistics

Would you ever keep eggs past their expiration date? Probably a few days.

Do you personally know anyone who has dumpster dived?Yes, friends of mine.

Would you ever consider doing it? If life required it, yes.

Would there ever be any foods you'd never take out of a dumpster? Yes, perishables and smelly ones.

Are there ever foods you don't check the dates on? Dry cereal, that kind of stuff.


Lura De Bre


How long do you keep eggs in the fridge past the expiration date on the carton? Actually, I think I use all of the eggs before the date.

Have you ever gotten sick eating something past the expiration date? No, I always check the dates.

Do you know anyone who has ever been dumpster diving? No, and I would never do that. You have no idea what else has been in that dumpster.

What food do you think never goes bad? Twinkies, for sure.

How often do you shop for groceries? With me and my two kids? Every two weeks, at least.

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