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IQ: Dreams of camp



Many adults look back nostalgically at their summer camp experiences. Two weeks of doing cool things hanging out, swimming, canoeing, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows on sticks, making stuff, playing baseball, stealing that first kiss -- all beyond scope of the monitoring eyes of parents.


Heather Pashman
North End College senior

What would be the ultimate summer camp for you? I grew up in Kansas and my grandfather had a farm, and I think it would be really cool to live on a ranch and work it for a couple weeks.

What would be a really cool camp for kids? My sister is 15, and she'd love a camp that had a lot of hot music, nightclubs for kids her age, chances to design fashions.

What is the real purpose of summer camp? It's for parents to get a break from their kids in the summer months.

Is there a camp you wished you'd gone to as a kid? A lot of my friends got to go to a horsemanship camp every summer. I never got to go, though.


Jeff Curry
Downtown Software company

What's you most memorable camp experience? When I was at band camp when I was 11. It was my first chance to be away from home, and I kissed a girl for the first time.

What is the most important thing kids get from camp? Social interaction with other kids, meeting new people, experiencing new things away from their parents.

Is summer camp really more for parents or for kids? I'm pretty sure my parents sent me in order to get a break from me during the summer.

What would be the ideal camp for you now? Two weeks in an Amazon rain forest where you get to swing on vines and play around and get to be a kid again for two weeks.


Robb Heckel
West Side Librarian

What's your fondest camp memory? When I was seven or eight at Camp Shady Brook, a YMCA camp, going to the camp store every day for candy.

What is the most important things kids learn at camp? For me, it was learning to socialize with kids I didn't know.

Which camp did you always want to go to? To tracking camp, where I'd learn to track animals. That would have been way cool, but my parents said it was too expensive.

What kind of camp would be your ideal now? A How-to-Live-Life-Well camp. It would teach eating, health and self-maintenance skills and learning to help us live a better, longer, higher quality life.

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